PT. Anastra Multindo

Maritime & Offshore

"...MULTIRO is focused business strategy - benefits our clients with specialist knowledge and application consulting, design and experience..."

MULTIRO offer water treatment solutions for maritime vessels and offshore installations where water quality is of importance. Depending on the needs and requirements of our customers we deliver standard products as well as customized solutions from water problem analysis Most ships store water in tanks, purchasing fresh supplies when they get into port.

Reverse osmosis seawater desalination systems (also called water makers) for fresh water supply (production) onboard ships and offshore facilities.

The reverse osmosis process is ideal for fresh water generation – being easy to operate, economical and producing excellent water quality.

MULTIRO with ADVANCED WATERTEK product line covers a wide range of capacities and accessories to meet the needs of passenger, merchant and navy vessels as well as the requirements of offshore applications

We design, manufacture, install and commission Reverse Osmosis desalination systems that are extensively tested, reliable and user-friendlyeven in the toughest conditions.

MULTIRO with ADVANCED WATERTEK systems can be installed directly on board vessels, including barges and offshore supply vessels. We also supply land based onshore brackish and seawater desalination systems to provide a constant supply of fresh water in remote inland or coastal locations.

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