PT. Anastra Multindo

Military WTP-RO

The Military now has a tool that allows them to change the way they think about water sources, resupply and tactical planning; a tactical advantage.

MULTIRO with ADVANCED WATERTEK are offering water purification system for military field operations; potable and utility water in emergency response/disaster relief situations. It is an ideal way to maintain water freshness and purity in remote locations.

We supply deployable, robust water systems for rapid installation and easy handling. The systems require less maintenance and minimum intervention during emergencies, aid relief operations, military operations and construction of accommodation camps.

We offers mobile RO, containerised RO, potable water and diesel fuel trailers, emergency RO water purification solutions for peacekeeping, disaster relief operations and military purposes worldwide.

The Military and Labor Camp RO’s for water purification systems are compact, mobile and ready-to-operate units, which are available in various specifications depending on the condition of local raw water.

The Military and Labor Camp RO's produces potable water from a variety of raw water sources such as wells, lakes, seas, lagoons, rivers, oceans and ice holes.

This system can produce potable water from underground waters, ponds and rivers by filtration and disinfection with UV light.

The Military and Labor Camp RO's, resembling a large trailer, comes in a variety of sizes and uses a variety of chemicals and membranes to filter and purify water for consumption. The proper use of the The Military and Labor Camp RO's can provide purified drinking water for thousands of soldiers in a military theater.

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