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Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

Our scope of services includes proposals, planning, design, fabrication, delivery, on-site assembly, start-up and commissioning, documentation, training, after-sales service, maintenance, and spare part sales

Installation and Training :

Our trained professionals conduct for the installation of all systems worldwide on the spot. The proper installation and commissioning is the foundation for a safe and trouble-free operation, we are offering system start up and installation, on-site installation supervision, On-site operator training

Operation and Maintenance

A water treatment system service and maintenance plan is an economical interference-free manner in order to ensure that the water treatment system is operating at the desired performance.

MULTIRO with ADVANCED WATERTEK are offers operations and maintenance (O&M) including preventative maintenance agreements to ensure that your Reverse Osmosis and pre/post treatment systems are functioning in optimal performance. The scope of the maintenance that we carry out ranges from operation and Maintenance of equipment.

  • Reduce your operating costs and thus increase profits.
  • Achieve more effective compliance with legislation.
  • Improve your company's public image.

Our service in the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of all water treatment systems and will make sure that your water system is proactively being monitored and maintained.

Preventative Maintenance options include:

  1. Pretreatment System includes multi-media filters, carbon filters, microfiltration units, degasifiers, RO pre-filters, softeners, chemical feed pump calibration, chemical tank replenishment (such as anti-scalant, chlorine reducers, and coagulants), and chemical feed pump calibration.
  2. Reverses Osmosis System includes data collection and analysis, cleaning and calibrating critical sensors, and RO membrane cleaning as needed based on normalized data trends.
  3. Post Treatment includes deionizers, storage tanks, ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers,Ozone system
  4. Ion exchange plants; this includes loading and unloading resins and standard maintenance and service of the plants.
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