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’’ We provide a variety of services in addition to water treatment system which one of solution is Rent an RO plant with flexibility for any application.….’’’

Water Investment projects (TOT/BOT/BOO)

Water Investment projects (TOT/BOT/BOO) – Investment, design, construction, installation and operation of water treatment facilities that are typically backed by offtake agreements from the Customer or Government. We will able to pursue investment projects under Build-Own Operate/Built-Own-Transfer (BOO/BOT) and Transfer-Own-Transfer (TOT) arrangements in the industrial park and municipal water treatment market and requirement of specific customer .

Our principally are adopt the BOT, TOT, BOO, TOO, and O&M project models in our business. For our BOT, TOT, BOO and TOO projects, we enter into concession agreements with local governments or private company which typically last 20 years


MULTIRO have built a full range of portable containerised or skid mounted rental water and sewage treatment plants. These plants are designed using proven technologies to provide high quality water solutions focusing on the manufacturing, sales, marketing, water treatment solutions for clients in , marine, oil & gas, mining, industrial, food industry, and construction applications.

These units are cost effective, are small in cost of maintenance and can be quickly mobilised and installed. MULTIRO also provide on-call maintenance services including remote monitoring capabilities and flexible rental periods to suit client needs. The rental range for mobile water treatment reverse osmosis units for purified water includes:

Military , Emergency Situation Water Treatment

  1. Portable Water Treatment
  2. Mobile Water Treatment Equipment
  3. Solar Powered Water Treatment

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

  1. Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems
  2. Nanofiltration Reverse Osmosis Systems
  3. Ultrafiltration Reverse Osmosis Systems
  4. Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems
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