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In general, water is referred to as seawater if it has a salinity of at least 2% (20,000 mg/l), whereby the average salt content in seas is around 3.5% (35,000 mg/l). There are significant fluctuations depending on the region. The salt content in the Mediterranean Sea is around 3.8% (38,000 mg/l) and in the Red Sea or Arabian / Persian Gulf around 4 – 4.5% (40,000 – 45,000 mg/l), while there is a much lower salinity level in the Baltic Sea or Black Sea. With the aid of desalination systems, seawater can be processed in such a way that it can be used as drinking water or even as process water for industry.


The design and construction of seawater desalination systems primarily depend on the salinity of the available water, the substances contained in the water, and the parameters required for product water. It is therefore necessary to plan and design the systems on an individual basis, which is often associated with high costs. Standard systems offered at suitable prices often only represent a compromise, as these frequently do not sufficiently meet the individual needs of the customer.

Seawater Units

Designed to purify water with salinities up to 40 000 ppm Total Dissolved Salts (sea water is approximately 35 000 ppm TDS). Our seawater units are capable of purifying the saltiest of waters. Our seawater systems have salt rejection capability of up to 99.5%.

Our seawater units are custom built, and capable of producing any volume of pure water from the saltiest of feed waters.

Key Facts

Sea Water Application (<45,000 PPM) Nominal Capacity: 100,000 Liters per Day Total Power Demand: 25 kW (50 Hz) / 30 kW (60 Hz) R.O. Skid Dimensions: 2800mm W x 1500mm D x 1600mm H Option: Fully Equipped 20’ Container with Thermal Insulatio

Pre-Treatment Components

Feed Pump: 3 kW, Grundfos, Denmark / Wilo, Germany Multimedia Filter: Fiberglass Vessel, Manually operated Antiscalant Dosing: Tank & Pump – Jesco, Germany

Reverse Osmosis

Item Description
Skid Material Stainless Steel 316L
5&1 Micron Filtration Polypropylene Housing
High Pressure Pump Axial Piston Type, Danfoss, Denmark, Super Duplex SS
Motor Rating 22 kW (50 Hz) / 26 kW (60 Hz)
Membranes Polyamide, Thin Film Composite
Membrane Housing FRP, 1000 PSI
Electrical Control Panel ABB Components
Instruments Product & Reject Flow Meters Pressure Gauges, Product TDS Meter

"System design may vary subject to quality of feed water or specific requirement."


Model Multiro-120 Multiro-150 Multiro-250 Multiro-300
Flow Rate 5 M3/hr 6 M3/hr 9 M3/hr 12 M3/hr
Membrane Array 5 elements x 2 6 elements x 2 6 elements x 3 6 elements x 4
Est. Power 10.6 kW 12.5 kW 18.2 kW 23.9 kW
Est. Weight 2500 KG 2700 KG 3000 KG 3500 KG
Dimension (LxWxH) 700 x 110 x 220 cm 700 x 110 x 220 cm 700 x 110 x 220 cm 700 x 110 x 220 cm
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