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We are provider water treatment solutions for the hospitality industry, the way ahead for hotels,resort in securing greater energy-savings, lower costs, less environmental stress and greater durability, the hotel added

Building a hotel or resort of any size is an enormous and costly task, but if the issue of water quality is not addressed prior to building, potentially insurmountable problems will arise. The quality of water at a resort is an important deciding factor when selecting a vacation.

Every resort or hotel should have some form of water purification system; either municipal, well or sea water should be properly treated to ensure good quality standards. Ensuring water cleanliness requires different treatments, depending upon the water source – municipal, well or sea water.

MULTIRO with ADVANCED WATERTEK can provide high quality drinking water from well brackish or sea water. Most of the times, preferred technology will be reverse osmosis, which will remove dissolved salts and microorganisms.

Water desalination systems are able to take sea water and process it into potable water. We offer a variety of models to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a water desalination system to purify an entire hotel, restaurant or bar, community will provide you with the appropriate solution

MULTIRO with ADVANCED WATERTEK are provide its customers with reliable and economical supplies of fresh water, generated from brackish water, seawater using the reverse osmosis process, and is committed to increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of this Service.

We are provide solution few of the design features into the plants with several approach:

  1. The plant is preassembled, so the on-site installation cost is minimized.
  2. The plant is tested in the factory in Dubai Factory, re-factory in Indonesia before shipping to customer
  3. For containerized plants, no building is required to house the RO plant.
  4. Every RO plant is custom designed for each specific project, but the use of standard models reduces the engineering and design cost.
  5. Because of the standard design of the plants, we are able to stock many of the spare parts in our service department, for quick delivery when problems occur.
  6. Systems are fully automated to reduce labor costs and enhance reliability. The combination of Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis can enhance productivity while delivering consistent (product) water quality.
  7. The operation of the plant is automatic, and it has automatic shutdown when conditions which could damage the plant occur.
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